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We are able to dance four, six or even eight numbers, depending on your programme. We need time to change, between each couple of dances, in order to present a variety of costumes.

Could you please let us know the area measurements of the dance space. The number of dancers we bring will depend on the size of that space. It is preferable that the area be raised to enable all person’s to view with ease. Please also check the lighting facilities if hiring a hall.

The dancers need a private area for changing, preferably with a mirror and seating.

We carry all our music on CD and hope you can provide an adequate sound system for the size of the venue. We have a portable system, which will cope well in a smaller hall.

The dancers are not paid individually, but costume costs, music, petrol etc. need covering. An honorarium towards these costs would be appreciated. This is negotiable depending on your programme.

We would need a detailed map in order to find your venue, which you can fax through to 031 – 7016389, attention Karen Kerr.

Please phone through your booking to her at 031 – 7016389 or 083 650 2211.

If you are considering booking the group, we would appreciate at least a month’s notice.

Thank you for your interest, hoping we can serve you.